My name is Tony Giang, and I strongly believe that over half of the stress and problems we face everyday come from money and finance. Disappointingly, I think our school system, (some) parents, and society have failed us on this aspect. Talking about one’s finance is like a taboo. As a result, wonder why there are so many of us who are literally financially dummies or just make plain bad financial decisions.

When I was going to college, despite being a business and finance major, there was no class in “Introduction to Starting a Budget” or “Paying Off Your Loans 101.” These are essential life skills that every one was just expected to have acquired when they grow up. But nothing could be further from the truth.

So, that’s the reason why Ducky Finance was created. My mission is to change all that and close the gap between growing up and becoming financially secured. So whether you are still in college, looking for a new job, buying a house, or saving for retirement, I hope that you will find the information both helpful and useful, particularly in your daily life.


About Me:

If you want to know about me and my boring life story, here it is 🙂

My family and I came to the US in 1995 from Vietnam. I was 11 year old at the time. Despite being Asian, my family was bit different – I think. There was no tiger mom, my parents were hoarders, and I was really bad at math.

Despite all these mini hurdles, I managed to enroll in a community college, but only to drop out after the first year. I spent the next three years being professional bum, doing odd jobs here and there before deciding to go back to college.

It was then that I met my beautiful, kind-hearted wife, Lily. My wife was the completely opposite of me. A valedictorian and a 4.0 Pre-Med student, she saw something in me. Opposite attracts I guess. Currently my wife is completing her fellowship, and I am a marketing manager for an eyewear company. Together, we have two smart and very funny kids.


How did I get into this personal finance stuff?

This was a traumatic event for me. About four years ago, we had a birthday luncheon for a coworker at a local bar-b-q restaurant. Despite that my lunch only cost $9.00, I remember nervously thinking if I had enough money on my cards. Sure enough, my fear came true. One after another, all my cards were “declined.” A generous coworker paid for meal that day. But it was on that day that I decided to take control of our finances situation and make it right.

In two years, we paid off all our $30K in credit card debt. Soon after, we also paid off the note on our car and were able to save up a very nice cushion. Comparatively, I know this is not the most amazing story you have heard on the Internet, but the more important point that it changed us. It changed our lifestyle. And it changed our thinking – for the better. So whether you are trying to get out of debt or saving for the future, I hope that you find my financial blog useful and helpful in your daily life.